Go On! Summer School ‘Human Rights and Persons Deprived of Liberty’

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► The Programme for Studies on Human Rights in Context, Human Rights Centre, Ghent University (Belgium) and the Global Campus on Human Rights are accepting applications to the Summer School ‘Human Rights and Persons Deprived of Liberty’. The Summer School is a 4 day program that will be held over Zoom from July 5 – July 8, 2022 and is open to Master students, LLM students, PhD students and postdoctoral researchers with a background in law, political science, public health, or criminology, as well as staff of civil society organizations and policymakers. 

Curated by Professor Dr. Clara Burbano Herrera (Ghent University) and Professor Dr. Manfred Nowak (University of Vienna), the course aims to provide participants with suitable expertise on structural problems around prisons from the perspective of international human rights law, public health, criminal law, and to contribute to the improvement of human rights of persons deprived of liberty in their homeland and around the world.  Participants will have the opportunity to interact with world-leading academics from Europe, Africa, and North & South American, gaining awareness of complex issues related to the human rights of persons deprived of liberty.  

The call for applications is now open until May 2, 2022.

For more information on the program, click here. To apply for the program, click here. Please email summerschoolprisons@gmail.com with any questions!


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