Introducing Sumedha Choudhury

IMG20200614201424~4It is our great pleasure to introduce our new IntLawGrrls contributor Sumedha Choudhury. After completing her undergraduate from National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam, India with a specialization in International Law and Human Rights, Sumedha Choudhury pursued an LLM in International Law from South Asian University, New Delhi, India. After her LLM she joined UNHCR, India as an Assistant Research Coordinator (Intern) for seven months, June 2019 to December 2019. Since February 2020, she is engaged with UNHCR as an RSD (Refugee Status Determination) Assistant. Sumedha has previously interned with Asian African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO) and Indian Society of International Law (ISIL) as a research assistant. Having born and raised in the Northeastern region of India, witnessing insurgency and the protracted refugee situation, her decision to engage with the nature of forced displacement was a conscious one. She plans to continue her efforts for the upliftment of asylum seekers and refugees.

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Write On! Trade, Law and Development Journal



This installment of Write On!, our periodic compilation of calls for papers, includes calls to submit papers on international economic law, with Trade, Law and Development Journal as follows:

► This journal invites submissions, in the form of articles, notes, comments, and book reviews on the topic of international economic law to Trade, Law and Development Journal, due by August, 15, 2020, and submitted to here. The theme is “legal and policy issues of relevance to world trade, cross-border investment, environment, and development, broadly defined. The Journal is particularly committed to publishing perspectives from and for the developing world.” Deadline is August 15, 2020.

Introducing Deeksha Sharma and Amreen Tapadar

It is our great pleasure to introduce our new IntLawGrrls contributors Deeksha Sharma and Amreen Tapadar. Deeksha Sharma is a penultimate year law student at National Law University, Lucknow, India. She is working with the SDG Society by IIT Madras and the US Department of State as a member of the COVID-19 India study. Previously, she has worked UN ECOSOC Organisations and professionals from the Commonwealth, London, Ministry of women, and Ministry of Environment, India. She is the executive editor of The International Journal of Social Studies- Vol 4 under patrons from Kwazulu University, South Africa, and an International Faculty in Criminology. She is also a  member of the Research and Editorial Board for a book on Health Laws by her University’s professors. She is selected to represent India at the Hansen Fellowship 2021 at the University of San Diego, United States.  Her interests lie in Energy Laws, Environmental Law, and International Trade Law.  She has her blogs and research papers in International and national blogs, journals, and books.

Amreen Tapadar is a penultimate year law student at National Law University, Lucknow. She has previously worked with Amnesty International India for various human rights campaigns, to name a few- 1984 Anti-Sikh riots and 2015 Rohingya refugee crisis. She is the executive editor of The International Journal of Social Studies- Vol 4 under patrons from Kwazulu University, South Africa. She is currently working as a research assistant for various national projects with an international faculty in criminology.and is interning under an advocate of the Supreme court to learn about cases pertaining to human rights. She has previously contributed a chapter to the International Journal of Social Studies regarding the need for a behavior correctional university of inmates.
She has also worked with various NGOs to provide awareness and contributed to helping communities affected by various natural calamities. Her interests lie in human rights, animal laws, environment law, and international dispute settlement and arbitration. Her pieces have been published in various esteemed international and national blogs and journals.

Introducing Shivani Danielle Jacelon

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It is our great pleasure to introduce our new IntLawGrrls contributor Shivani Danielle Jacelon. Shivani Danielle Jacelon is a recent graduate of the NYU School of Law having completed her LLM specializing in International Legal Studies in May 2020. She received her LLB from the University of Warwick in 2008 and completed the LPC at the University of Law (formerly the College of Law), London in 2009. Prior to being admitted to NYU, Shivani specialized in Real Estate and Estates law in her home country of Trinidad and Tobago. She was a partner at a leading law firm in Trinidad where she was practicing law since 2010 until the commencement of her LLM.

During her time at NYU, Shivani took part in internships at the Family Center in Brooklyn, which offers legal services for medically fragile clients, as well at the Housing Justice-Group Advocacy Unit of the Legal Aid Society. Her exposure to public interest law during these internships, coupled with taking courses during her LLM which are based on social rights and justice, such as International Environmental Law and Economic and Social Rights, fostered her desire to pursue a career in Public Interest Law in earnest.

Shivani was awarded a LLM Public Interest Fellowship from the NYU School of Law which she will complete in the Fall of 2020 at the Legal Aid Society, Housing Justice-Group Advocacy Unit. Shivani is also a member of the Ontario Bar and will sit the New York Bar in September 2020.

Introducing Andrea Samardzija

IMG_0530It is our great pleasure to introduce our new IntLawGrrls contributor Andrea Samardzija.

Andrea Samardzija is an Australian lawyer who is currently transitioning to a career in international law. Andrea completed a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws (honours) double degree from Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia and a Master of Public International Law LLM from Leiden University in The Netherlands. Since 2015, Andrea has worked as a lawyer in private practice and for the public sector in Australia. Currently, she is a research assistant in international commercial arbitration at Monash University’s School of Business and Law in Melbourne, Australia. Andrea’s areas of interest include international dispute settlement and arbitration, human rights and environmental law.

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Introducing Vaishnavi Chaudhry


It is our great pleasure to introduce our new IntLawGrrls contributor Vaishnavi Chaudhry.

Vaishnavi Chaudhry is a second year law student from Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab, India. She is deeply interested in the field of International Human Rights Law and wishes to pursue a career in the same. She is serving as an associate editor for Young Ignited Minds Foundation Academia – an organisation that works at grassroot levels to address social evils such as child abuse, domestic violence etc. She has previously written for the London School of Economics Human Rights Blog. Apart from that, she serves as a member of the Centre for International Humanitarian Law at her university.

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Introducing Ali Cain

Write On! “The International Legal Order and the Global Pandemic”- American Journal of International Law 

The American Journal of International Law is issuing a worldwide call for papers for an Agora symposium to be published in the October 2020 issue of the Journal. The topic – “The International Legal Order and the Global Pandemic” – recognizes that the present crisis raises foundational questions for the international legal order that extend beyond the immediate challenges to public health and economic stability.

More information about the Agora can be found here:

Introducing Morgane Greco

photo-morgane-grecoIt is our great pleasure to introduce our new IntLawGrrls contributor Morgane Greco.

Morgane is an International Studies Master’s degree candidate from the University of Montreal. She holds a Public Law’s Bachelor additionally to a Political Science’s Bachelor from Lyon II University in France.

Thanks to the ERASMUS+ Program, Morgane has spent one semester in Nicosia, at University of Cyprus where she studied the post-conflict Cypriot society. For six months, she has been doing an internship at the United Nations Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, in New York. She is currently finishing her master’s thesis about the work of this Office’s international civil servants in the fight against conflict-related sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Thanks to the Canadian Partnership for International Justice, Morgane attended the 2019 Assembly of the States Parties of the International Criminal Court. Earlier, in July 2019, she took part in the World Mediation Forum in Luxembourg where she gave a presentation on mediation and transitional justice in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, focusing on sexual violence’s crimes. 

Morgane’s interests are focused on the plague of conflict-related sexual violence, including meaningful reparations for victims, access to justice and accountability for perpetrators.  She is also highly involved in the fight against gender inequalities and its consequences.

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Introducing Adaena Sinclair-Blakemore

Photo - AdaenaIt is our great pleasure to introduce our new IntLawGrrls contributor Adaena Sinclair-Blakemore! 

Adaena is an Australian lawyer interested in international human rights law, international criminal law and the implementation of international law into domestic law. She holds a Juris Doctor (First Class) from Melbourne Law School where she was the Editor of the Melbourne Journal of International Law. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in French Studies and Italian Studies from the University of Western Australia.

She has previously interned in the Trial Chambers of the International Criminal Court and worked as a Research Assistant at the Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law at Melbourne Law School, where she undertook research on the laws of peacekeeping operations. During her Juris Doctor, Adaena was a student in the International Criminal Justice Clinic, a subject run in partnership with Amnesty International’s Human Rights in International Justice Project which focuses on monitoring and evaluating the human rights compliance of the international criminal tribunals.

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