Go On! Specialized Course in Renewable Energy Law

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►  NOVA School of Law, Jurisnova and NOVA Law Green Lab announced open registration for a Specialized Course in Renewable Energy Law, which will be held from September 28th to October 6th, online, in English. The five-day course will conclude with a Roundtable/Conference open to the public on the following Tuesday, October 6. Click here for details https://novalaw.unl.pt/formacao-especializada/short-course-on-renewable-energy-law/?fbclid=IwAR14HUbAUxCBzfR2Nx44_AjpUyQ783CX95jK1Py0JphPw8F0QDgoDH94hSc


One thought on “Go On! Specialized Course in Renewable Energy Law

  1. As an add-on to the post, the course takes place at 18.30 -21.30 Lisbon time and will be recorded, so please do not feel as if you are late to register or that you cannot attend due to engagements on one of the days of the course.

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