Strengthening National Justice for Core International Crimes

The Case Matrix Network are organising a conference on Strengthening National Justice for Core International Crimes: Laws, Procedures and Practices in an Age of Legal Pluralism on 28 June in The Hague.

This conference will analyse some of the challenges faced by national and international criminal justice actors, who are working at different stages of accountability processes, as well as the measures being taken to address them:

  • What are the choices faced by justice actors in determining, pursuing and assisting justice efforts for conduct that may amount to core international crimes?
  • How to evaluate the types of fora or jurisdictions, the necessity for legal reforms or the situations or specific violations to address?
  • How to navigate evidence collection and analysis for different fora or jurisdictions?
  • When to adopt different fact-finding standards and procedures of evidence collection, security measures for investigators, victims and witnesses?
  • Why select or prioritise cases for criminal justice and can criteria provide fairness and transparency?
  • How are these decisions shaped by the context of conflict, transition or recognition, and what are the opposing pressures and restrictions of material resources, operational capacity and capability faced by the executive, investigation and prosecution authorities, judiciary, legislature and civil society?

For more information on the event, please visit the conference website.

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