Go On! International Judges and Academics Discussion Series

The Brunel University London International Law Group is launching this week with an inaugural online event titled “International Judges and Academics Discussion,” on October 20, 2021 at 6:00PM (GMT +1).

The first event will be, “Judges and Academics on the ICC,” and features Judge Kimberly Prost (ICC), Judge Howard Morrison (former Judge to the ICC), and Professor Mark Drumbl.

The Group has a research focus on public international law fields such as the laws of war, international criminal law, human rights law, refugee law and international courts and tribunals.

It aspires to carry out research and present dilemmas and solutions as well as further questions relating to the evolution of public international law in these particular fields, as well as their interrelation with other fields of law or other disciplines.

To join this online event, click here. The passcode is 4194483126.

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