Read On! HCCH 1970 Evidence Convention and Remote Taking of Evidence by Video-Link

We previously reported that Singapore-based Asian Business Law Institute (ABLI) and the Permanent Bureau of the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH) were to co-host a webinar titled HCCH 1970 Evidence Convention and Remote Taking of Evidence by Video-link on 1 June.

The session has since been successfully held, welcoming attendees from 30 different jurisdictions, including representatives of Central Authorities, HCCH Members, private practitioners, international public service officers and business professionals.

The organizers would like to share the summary and key takeaways of the session, including practical issues such as whether the Evidence Convention can be used in aid of arbitration proceedings, whether the Convention must be used even if a witness is willing to give evidence by video-link in Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC) proceedings, how to take evidence remotely in practical terms, etc.  

Read here for the summary and takeaways in full. Those who are interested to learn more about the session or to request for access to the session recording may contact ABLI via


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