Introducing Carrie Eisert

It is our great pleasure to introduce our new IntLawGrrls contributor Carrie Eisert. Carrie is a researcher and advocate working on sexual and reproductive rights, health and gender issues. Currently a Policy Adviser with Amnesty International, she leads work on challenging the unjust criminalization of sexuality and reproduction globally. She wrote Amnesty’s “Criminalizing Pregnancy: Policing Pregnant Women Who Use Drugs in the USA,” and has done advocacy and policy analysis on a range of issues including sex worker rights, abortion, LGBT rights, equality and non-discrimination.
Prior to joining Amnesty as a Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow, she was a faculty member for ‘IHP Cities in the 21 st Century: People, Planning, and Politics,’ an international social justice-based education program. She has also served as a lecturer at Princeton University’s School of Public and International Affairs teaching on race and drug policy, medical anthropology and critical perspectives on global health.

She holds a BA with honors in Psychology and Studio Arts from Wesleyan University, and a PhD and MA in the History of Science and Gender and Sexuality Studies from Princeton. Her historical research explored the cultural life of pharmaceuticals including the gendered power dynamics that informed the regulation and design of the birth control pill.

Heartfelt welcome!


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