The Cost of Battling Discrimination in Academia

Amrei Mueller is an Associate Professor at the University College Dublin. She has published several books, including the ‘The Relationship between Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and International Humanitarian Law’ published in the series Nottingham Studies on Human Rights (Brill, 2013), a pioneering in-depth study of the parallel application of socio-economic rights and IHL in times of armed conflict, and edited anthologies: ‘Judicial Dialogue and Human Rights’ (Cambridge University Press, 2017) and ‘Human Rights Diplomacy’ (Brill, 2011; with Michael O’Flaherty, Zdzislaw Kedzia and George Ulrich). Her research has also been published in prestigious international journals, among them the Human Rights Law Review, the International Review of the Red Cross and the International Journal of Human Rights; and in edited collections with leading international law publishers such as Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Routledge. She researches the duties and responsibilities of armed non-state actors under IHL and human rights law, taking account also of the right to self-determination.

She applied for a position at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, University of Oslo, Norway. Although she was ranked #1 by the Academic Committee, the Faculty gave the job to the candidate who was ranked #3 (a Norwegian Man). Amrei sued the University for discrimination and lost in court, leaving her with the obligation to pay 27,000 Euro in legal fees. She has set up a Go Fund Me account. The quest for fairness and transparency in Faculty hiring is costly. Please share her GoFundMe link to those who may help ease her burden.

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