WILIG honored to co-sponsor March 3 IntLawGrrls! 10th Birthday conference

As one of the co-chairs of WILIG – the Women in International Law Interest Group of the American Society of International Law – my excitement about the March 3, 2017 10th birthday conference in honor of IntLawGrrls should be obvious. I’m thrilled to celebrate this infusion of ILGrrl energy into the state of Georgia.vanilla-party-cake

For WILIG, co-sponsoring this event is a natural fit. ILG, since its inception, has featured women’s “voices in international law, policy, and practice.” Both WILIG and ILG share the goal of amplifying women’s voices and opportunities in the sphere of international law.

Let me highlight just a few of my favorite aspects of the ILG blog. Over the past ten years, it has: 1) debunked the myth that there is a dearth of women experts in international law;  2) shared opportunities for women (and men) to apply for opportunities to engage in the writing, practice, and research of international law; and 3) lauded the accomplishments of women, giving props to leaders and experts in international law. A recent article profiling amplification strategies such as those advanced by the blog (repeating, highlighting, and crediting the accomplishments of women) demonstrate that amplification of women’s voices can have critical impact, not least of all, at the highest levels of government.

No wonder in 2012, when the blog briefly went on hiatus, I, along with thousands in the blogosphere, felt a blow to the gut. We needed the ILGrrls community, and the ILGrrls community needed us. Thanks to the new editors, a resurgence was born.

Last, but certainly not least, WILIG and IntLawGrrls interests aligned when the visionary behind the blog, Diane Marie Amann, accepted WILIG’s prestigious Prominent Woman in International Law Award in 2013.

WILIG is eager to see many WILIG members and ILGrrls in Athens, GA in March. Don’t forget to submit your proposal  to participate by January 1.   Proposals are welcome on topics including “any issue of international, comparative, foreign, or transnational law or policy. We especially welcome contributions from subfields traditionally dominated by men. Academics and practitioners, students and professors, advocates and policymakers alike are most welcome to submit.”

Looking forward to the celebration!


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