ABILA – Feminism in International Law Committee: Call for Chairs

The Feminism and International Law Committee of the American Branch of the International Law Association (ABILA) is looking for a new Chair or a new set of Co-Chairs. Each Chair, in consultation with Committee members, sets an agenda for the Committee and decides on projects that the Committee will undertake. The Chair also lays down a time frame for the completion of any projects the Committee undertakes. Committee projects are diverse, ranging from multi-year academic studies, to shorter academic analyses, to advocacy work (such as amicus briefs or congressional testimony about treaties or legislation). Although the American Branch as a whole does not take positions on current international law issues, the Branch’s committees may. Committee work product is published in the biennial Proceedings of the American Branch. ABILA’s International Law Weekend is a highly attended venue and opportunity for networking and pulling together vibrant panels on matters of importance to the Committee’s membership. Interested individuals are encouraged to submit a brief statement of interest to Janie Chuang (jchuang@wcl.american.edu) and/or Christiana Ochoa (cochoa@indiana.edu) by May 15. More information about ABILA and its committees can be found on its website.

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