Write On! International Leadership Association

backlit_keyboardThis installment of Write On!, our periodic compilation of calls for papers, includes calls to submit abstracts to the International Leadership Association, as follows:

► The International Leadership Association (ILA), now focusing on transitional justice and peacebuilding, is seeking abstracts for its book Peace, Reconciliation and Social Justice Leadership in the 21st Century: The Role of Leaders and Followers. This book aims to include the voices and perspectives of legal practitioners and leaders in the field of international criminal law and human rights law, peacebuilding and restorative justice such as academics, humanitarian aid workers, grassroots activists working in the field of transitional justice and peacebuilding in order to explore the ways, case studies and examples of successful peace and reconciliation.

Abstracts should be between 250-500 words. Please note the due date has been extended until the end of May.

Click here for more information.


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