Introducing Teresa Fernández Paredes

foto_TeresaIt’s our great pleasure today to introduce Teresa Fernández Paredes as an IntLawGrrls contributor. Teresa is a senior attorney at the international human rights organization Women’s Link Worldwide, where she leads legal strategies with a special focus on projects related to human trafficking and transitional justice. She graduated from the University Carlos III in Madrid (Spain) with a double major in Law and Political Science, with honors, and received a Master’s Degree in International Public Law from the Washington College of Law at the American University (United States). In 2013, she obtained her degree in Human Rights and Women: Theory and Practice at the Human Rights Center of the University of Chile School of Law. She has also taken different courses of specialization in international criminal law and gender at the Academy of International Law in The Hague, the Grotius Centre for International Law and Transitional Justice Institute at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland.

Prior to Women’s Link, Teresa worked in the criminal law department of the Garrigues law firm (Spain). She interned at the Center for Justice and International Law (Washington DC, United States) and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (Costa Rica). She has also interned for Judge Elizabeth Odio Benito at the International Criminal Court in The Hague and the Justice Department at Human Rights Watch (Brussels, Belgium).

Her first post will discuss the European Court of Human Rights and the rights of trafficked women. Heartfelt welcome!


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