Introducing Shiri Krebs

ShiriKrebsPhotoIt’s our great pleasure today to introduce Shiri Krebs as an IntLawGrrls contributor. Shiri is a Law and International Security Fellow at Stanford Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC), and a JSD Candidate at Stanford Law School, specializing in international humanitarian law, international criminal law and counterterrorism.

Shiri’s experience in international law includes serving as international law advisor to the Chief-Justice of the Israeli Supreme Court (2006-2010), teaching international criminal law and international humanitarian law at Santa Clara Law School (2011-2012), teaching public international law (TA position) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Dean’s Teaching Award, 2004-2010), and serving as researcher at the Israeli Democracy Institute, where she developed research projects on constitutional responses to terrorism (2010-2014).

Her recent publications focus on targeted killings (winner of the Carl Mason Franklin Award in International Law; ASIL Research Forum), preventive detentions (winner of the Steven M. Block Civil Liberties Award) and barriers to conflict resolution (winner of the Richard Goldsmith Award, under review). In her doctoral dissertation, Shiri analyzes international fact-finding mechanisms, and specifically the impact of international law on public opinion, attitudes and perceptions of contested events such as war crimes. This interdisciplinary research project combines theories and methods from law, psychology, sociology and political science, including online survey experiments. Based on this research project Shiri was recently awarded the Christiana Shi Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship in International Studies, Stanford University. The project was selected to the 2016 ASIL Annual Meeting ‘New Voices’ Panel.

Shiri’s first post will discuss the film Eye in the SkyHeartfelt welcome!

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