Women in War and at War Conference 2014

The University of Warwick, Open University Law School and Aberystwyth University are hosting the Women In and At War Conference 2014 on 18th and 19th September at Scarman House (University of Warwick).

Women’s roles in war are complex and varied. During the Arab Spring, women took to the streets protesting against oppressive regimes in North Africa and the Middle East. We are also witnessing a significant rise in female political activism during conflict: many women increasingly find the Internet, blogs and social media to be a useful tool to fight oppression, advocate change but also to report from war zones. Women actively participate in combat, but also are more visible in peace processes. 
Over the past two years, some  steps and initiatives have been taken at national and international level to address this problem, including the recent End Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict Summit (June 2014). What impact have these measures had? Will they make a real difference? Have they had any impact on the way that armed conflict is conducted?

You can find more information about the conference, including the programme at www.warwick.ac.uk/womeninwar. If you are interested in attending you can register your interest online or contact Solange Mouthaan (s.mouthaan@warwick.ac.uk). Please note there is a conference fee.

We hope that you will join us at Warwick to discuss the cutting edge issues surrounding women and war and connect with many other researchers in this field!

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