‘Nuff said

gay flagTo be sure, there is not one single strategy or answer that can resolve all these questions, as is always the case when people are fighting for their rights. What is clear, though, is that serious thoughtful debate may be more likely in the courtroom than in the congress, particularly where religion maintains a stronghold in legislative debate. In those cases, minority groups must rely on litigation to protect them against the tyranny of the majority — fitting, since courts were designed to carry out just that role in public life.

— Prof. Lina M. Cespedez Baez of the faculty of law of the Universidad del Rosario in Bogota, Colombia, currently a Fulbright scholar pursuing her SJD (under my supervision) at Temple Law School. This quote comes from Lina’s article published this week in Foreign Affairs magazine, Gay Marriage Goes to Court in Colombia, comparing marriage equality campaigns, legal and extralegal, in the United States and Colombia.