Bolivia’s Maritime Claim before the ICJ

It is our pleasure to welcome back Elizabeth Santalla as today’s blogger.  Elizabeth reports the following regarding Bolivia’s maritime claim before the International Court of Justice:

On 24 April 2013, Bolivia instituted proceedings before the International Court of Justice requesting that the Court adjudge and declare, in general terms, the existence of an international obligation on the part of Chile to negotiate in good faith and effectively sovereign access to the sea for Bolivia. The issue has been a longstanding thorn in bilateral relations between the countries. The way Bolivia lost its access to the sea, as a result of a treaty signed to put an end to a the “War of the Pacific” and under the pressure of continuing Chilean  military occupation, has created feelings of unfairness embedded in Bolivian generations since then. Leaving to one side one unsuccessful attempt to bring the claim to an international judicial forum (in the context of the League of Nations) in 1920, Bolivia’s recent move is a departure from the traditional approach of fruitless diplomatic conversations and negotiations.

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