Algeria twenty years on: words do not die

NOTE: I am posting this for Karima Bennoune, who is in Algeria. – dh

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share with you the article, Algeria twenty years on: words do not die,  that I published today on Open Democracy about the twentieth anniversaries of the murder of Algerian intellectuals this year (in English, with translation in French and Arabic). It was quite difficult to get this published as no one in the English speaking world seems to remember these events. I am very grateful to Open Democracy and the translators.

I would ask you to please circulate this to friends and colleagues and listserves who might be interested, as widely as you can, not because I wrote it, but because of the wonderful people in the article who are gone, but should not be forgotten. Also, please consider “liking” it and making positive comments on the site in the language of your choice if you would like to – that would be great.

Today is exactly the 20th anniversary of the terrible murder of one of them by the Armed Islamic Group, the lawyer Leila Kheddar, whose sister Cherifa Kheddar is the President of Djazairouna, one of Algeria’s most important victims and human rights group.

Please remember them all today, and kindly spread the word.

In solidarity and in memoriam,

Karima Bennoune