Read On! International Conflict and Security Law

► This updated and revised second edition of Advanced Introduction to International Conflict and Security Law provides a concise and insightful guide to the key principles of international law governing peacetime security, arms control, the use of force, armed conflict and post-conflict situations. Nigel D. White explores the complex legal regimes that have been created to control levels of armaments, to limit the occasions when governments can use military force, to mitigate the conduct of warfare and to build peace.

Key Features:

  • Analysis of new efforts to regulate nuclear weapons
  • Extended coverage of peacekeeping and analysis of war crimes
  • Updated coverage of recent state practice and academic literature
  • New analysis of recent and on-going conflicts, in particular Syria and Ukraine

With updated analysis of peacekeeping, the law surrounding nuclear weapons, war crimes and extensive coverage of conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, this thoroughly revised second edition is an essential text for academics, researchers and students interested in international law and world peace.

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