Go On! International Sports Law Journal Conference

Go On! makes note of interesting conferences, lectures, and similar events.
►  Asser Institute announced open registration for its annual International Sports Law Journal (ISLJ) Conference, which will be held on October 25-26, 2022, in the Netherlands (and online). The conference is a platform to discuss transnational debates on the state of international sports law and governance. 15+ international sports law experts will come over the course of the two days to discuss the topical issues at the top of the transnational sports law agenda, such as:

– the reaction of Sports Governing Bodies (SGBs) to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the neutrality of sport

– the competition law challenges to transnational governance by SGBs 

– the intersection between human rights and international sports  

– trans and queer participation in sporting competitions

You can read more about the event here, and check out their social media here: Twitter & Linkedin.


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