Introducing Felicitas Benziger

It is our pleasure to introduce our new contributor Felicitas Benziger. Felicitas Benziger is a PhD candidate under the joint supervision of Professors Joshua Castellino and Joelle Grogan at Middlesex University London, where she investigates the right to self-determination of peoples in a supranational context as part of her doctoral research. Felicitas studied law in Germany (Freie Universität Berlin) where she completed the First State Exam and she holds a Masters degree from University College London (UCL).

Already during her studies in Berlin, Felicitas had a keen interest in international law, which led her to choose that area for her focus study (“Schwerpunktstudium”). After completing her undergraduate studies, Felicitas further pursued this interest and completed a LLM programme at UCL focussing on International Human Rights Law, Law of Treaties, Law and Policies of International Courts and Tribunals as well as Public International Law.

Felicitas also assisted Professor Philippe Sands QC as Legal Research Assistant/Paralegal at Matrix Chambers in London from 2019 to 2022, where she worked in the areas of International Arbitration, Investment Law, Sports Arbitration, Human Rights and Inter-State Disputes (e.g. territorial and maritime delimitation).

You can also visit her social media handles:-

Twitter: @FelicitasBenz



Heartfelt Welcome!


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