Write On! Abstracts on Gender, Peace, Education and International Law

This installment of Write On!, our periodic compilation of calls for papers, includes calls to submit abstracts to be presented at the Symposium on Gender, Peace, Education and International Law, which forms part of the European Research Council funded project, Gendered Peace.

The project, led by Professor Christine Chinkin, takes an interdisciplinary approach to provide new understandings of the spectrum of peace and conflict, while centering a gender analysis. Papers can address peace, education, gender and international law or only touch on a combination of two or three, but adopting a feminist approach. Participants should think of the linkages between these complex and nuanced areas and consider what might flow from making such linkages. The conference will be held during the week of October 25th 2021. Abstracts are due by June 18, 2021.

For more information on the conference, questions for discussion, and submission instructions please click here.


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