On the Job! Call for Nominees: ABILA Student Ambassadors

ILWS21 | www.law.uga.edu

On the Job! compiles interesting vacancy notices, as follows:

►The International Law Association (American Branch) is seeking nominations for its Student Ambassadors program. All ABILA members are invited to nominate students for this position. Student Ambassadors help with the work of the organization, especially in the preparation of International Law Weekend 2021 (ILW 2021). ILW is held annually by the Branch and will take place virtually on October 28–30, 2021. Each Student Ambassador will be assigned to specific individuals such as the Organizing Committee Chairs, the President, or one of the Vice Presidents to provide various forms of assistance with ILW, including blogging and providing logistical support as needed. After ILW, the Student Ambassadors may be asked to assist with the newsletter, to support ABILA committees, or to perform other tasks as assigned by the President. ABILA will try to create networking opportunities for the Student Ambassadors both with ABILA members and with one another.

Members are invited to send their nominee’s cover letter and résumé to Ms. Madaline George (membership@ila-americanbranch.org) by Monday, May 24, 2021. As a reminder, student membership in the American Branch of the International Law Association is free for students, and they may sign up from the membership page of our website.

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