Read On! Integrity in International Justice

The International Nuremburg Principles Academy has published its latest volume in the Nuremburg Academy Series, a book entitled “Integrity in International Justice,” edited by Morten Bergsmo and Viviane E. Dittrich.

The book considers integrity as a legally binding standard in international courts, while including perspectives from other disciplines such as philosophy, history, psychology and religion. It argues that respect for integrity among high officials and staff members is a prerequisite for international courts and other international organizations to fulfil their mandates.

The authors include the prominent judges Hans Corell, Richard J. Goldstone, Hanne Sophie Greve, Ivana Hrdličková, Erik Møse and David Re, and 37 other leading actors and experts in the field of international justice.

You can find more information and download the e-book version of the book on the Nuremberg Academy website.


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