Read On! “The Palgrave Handbook of Critical Menstruation Studies”

Instagram GraphicThis open access handbook is the first of its kind, and provides a comprehensive and carefully curated multidisciplinary view of the state of the field of Critical Menstruation Studies, opening up new directions in research and advocacy. Through empirical research, personal narratives, practice notes, conceptual essays, OpEds, visual art and transnational dialogues, this collection responds to the question “what new lines of inquiry are possible when we center our attention on menstrual health and politics across the life course?”

Written by 134 contributors from more than 30 countries, the chapters collectively establish Critical Menstruation Studies as a potent lens that reveals, complicates, and unpacks inequalities across biological, social, cultural, and historical dimensions. This handbook is an unmatched resource for researchers, policy makers, practitioners, and activists new to and already familiar with the field as it rapidly develops and expands. Access the handbook here.


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