New Resource! Confronting Structural Violence: Law Teaching Guides

This week, the Cardozo Law Institute in Holocaust and Human Rights (CLIHHR) launched Confronting Structural Violence: Law Teaching Guides to provide open-access teaching resources for professors.

Law faculty in a range of disciplines can download and immediately use any of the 10 Law Teaching Guides, which are grounded in cases many professors already teach and cover topics that are currently making headlines. The Law Teaching Guides, which cover constitutional law, international law, criminal law, corporations, and intellectual property law, are a flexible resource professors can easily adapt for introductory survey courses or upper-level seminars. Please feel free to take a look and share with any law faculty or others who may find the Guides useful.

As students demand course materials that confront issues of structural and identity-based discrimination, these Guides begin to meet those demands with a positive preventative message toward recognizing and responding to structural violence through law. My hope in sharing this resource is to help law faculty bring into lectures rich discussions about the role that the law and lawyers can play to prevent systematic discrimination and violence.

To download the Guides and for more information about the project, visit:

To read more about the project’s goals, find a Q&A here.

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