Read On! Revista Temas de Derecho Constitucional: Asilo y Migracíon

I am pleased to announce the publication of the Constitutional Court of Colombia’s Revista Temas de Derecho Constitucional on Asylum and Migration. The edition includes articles in Spanish and English on collective expulsions, the Cartagena Declaration, Stateless children and birth registration, constitutional protection of asylym, socio-economic and cultural rights of migrants, provision of health care, etc. My article is titled “The Provision of Asylum as a Peace Mechanism and Recent Challenges Within Asylum Case Processing of Venezuelan Applicants in the US and Canada”. It discusses misapplication of the credibility standard, “credibility fatigue”, uneven evaluation of evidence, and failure to recognize a nexus to the protection category of political opinion. The conclusion confirms systemic dysfunction and the importance of appeals judges correcting arbitrary decisionmaking. Asylum as a peace mechanism is weakened. The Revista is available here:

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