Go On! Workshop on “Protection of the Environment in Relation to Armed Conflict – Beyond the ILC”

Call for Engaged Listeners to attend an international workshop on “Protection of the Environment in Relation to Armed Conflict – Beyond the ILC” in Hamburg, 7 – 8 March 2019.

The workshop is organized by the Institute for International Affairs of the University of Hamburg School of Law and Faculty of Law of Lund University in cooperation with the Environmental Peacebuilding Association’s Law Interest Group.

The purpose of this workshop is to review the work of the International Law Commission on the topic of Protection of the Environment in Relation to Armed Conflicts on its future program of work and assess and address issues that have not been dealt with yet. The International Law Commission has so far adopted 18 draft principles which address questions of environmental protection in the three phases of armed conflict: before, during and after.

The workshop will be attended by the current Special Rapporteur of the topic Marja Lehto as well as the former Special Rapporteur Marie Jacobsson and other members of the commission and international experts.

The workshop is open to a limited number of engaged listeners – apart from the speakers. If you are interested in participating in the audience (not as a speaker) and thus contribute to our discussion, please send an application with a short motivation letter explaining your interest in the conference (maximum 400 words) along with a short bio (150 words) to Anne Dienelt (anne.dienelt@uni-hamburg.de). The deadline for applications is 30 January 2019. Successful applicants will be notified in the beginning of February 2019. Participation is free of charge, but at your own expense. You can find the workshop draft program and more information below.


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