Go On! Health Systems Through Crisis and Recovery Training Course in Pisa, Italy

Go On! makes note of interesting conferences, lectures, and similar events.

►Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna is now accepting applicants for its training course on Health Systems through Crisis and Recovery. The course will take place from April 8-19, 2019 in Pisa, Italy. The volatility and complexity of conflict and post-conflict contexts pose daunting challenges to health workers – both national and international – who are called to rehabilitate derelict health structures. Lack of properly prepared professionals in this field has often resulted in reconstruction efforts characterized by weak analysis, little understanding, inadequate planning and poor implementation. This training programme intends to alleviate this gap.

►Applicants must have a university degree or the equivalent of 3 years of relevant working experience. They must have a sound working knowledge of English. The deadline to apply is February 20, 2019 (an early bird discount is reserved for candidates applying before the 8th of January 2019).

► Click here for more information. Applicants should submit their application online here.


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