Introducing Katrina Natale

natale_katrina_210x270-210x270.jpg It is our great pleasure to introduce Katrina Natale to IntLawGrrls! Katrina has been a clinical teaching fellow with the International Human Rights Law Clinic at UC Berkeley School of Law since 2015. In her time with the clinic, Katrina has taught and supervised students working on a wide range of human rights issues in both the United States and abroad employing diverse methodologies. Her work has ranged from assisting UN special procedures mandate holders to respond to individual complaints to collaborating on empirical research exploring access to justice and victim rights for family survivors of homicide in Oakland. With the clinic, she has had a hand in issuing reports on human rights violations experienced by tipped workers in the U.S. restaurant industry and on closing space for women human rights defenders. Her interests include international criminal law, humanitarian law, sexual and gender-based violence, victim rights, and transitional justice.

Prior to joining the clinic, Katrina worked on human rights issues in Cambodia for nearly 5 years. She conducted research on sexual and gender-based sexual violence under the Khmer Rouge regime and, later, served as the in-country legal coordinator for the Center for Justice and Accountability and as a legal officer in the Civil Party Lead Co-Lawyers Section of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia. Before attending law school, Katrina worked with a number of grassroots, social justice organizations on issues of human rights, transitional justice, and domestic and sexual violence both in the United States and abroad.

Heartfelt welcome!


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