Write On! Laureate Program in International Law

UoM-logo-thumbThis installment of Write On!, our periodic compilation of calls for papers, includes calls to present at Melbourne Law School, as follows:

The Laureate Program in International Law at Melbourne Law School will be holding a Conference on Humanitarianism and the Remaking of International Law: History, Ideology, Practice, Technology on May 31st, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia.

Those proposing papers for presentation at the conference should submit a one page abstract and brief bio by email to Professor Anne Orford at laureate-intlaw@unimelb.edu.au by September 1st, 2017.

The language and logic of humanitarianism occupy an increasingly central place in international law. Humanitarian reason has shaped the ideology, practice, and technologies of international law over the past century. For some, this trend is clearly positive — international law is reimagined as humanity’s law. Yet critics have pointed to the dark side of these developments and of the humanitarian logic operating within international law.

This conference will bring together scholars to think critically about the ideology, institutions, practices, and technologies that condition modern humanitarianism and its relation to international law. For more information and a list of confirmed speakers, please visit http://www.lpil.org/events/humanitarianism.


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