Introducing Siobhán Airey


It is our great pleasure to welcome Siobhán Airey to IntLawGrrls! Siobhán is currently completing her PhD in law at the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa on the legal nature of the international governance framework of Official Development Assistance (ODA or development aid), in which she draws from critical legal theory and legal philosophy to identify and analyse its unique juridical signature at the international, regional and domestic levels. Her post-doctoral work will examine the governance of new forms of international public-private development finance promoted through frameworks such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in order to analyse how these instruments reconfigure the legal subjectivities of donor and recipient states, as well as re-balance public-private rights, duties and obligations in ways that are not immediately discernible through formal legal analysis. Siobhan has previously worked in international development, has an MSc in Equality Studies and an LLM in International Human Rights Law and has worked and undertaken research in, Europe, East Africa, Australia and South America. Her research and teaching interests are in legal theory and research methods; international law and global governance, and law and development.

Her first post examines a landmark decision on domestic violence issued last month by a court of ECOWAS, the Economic Community of West African States.

Heartfelt welcome!


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