Mexico – US Friendship Quiz

1) What is the origin of this quote? “There shall be firm and universal peace between the United States of America and the Mexican Republic, and between their respective countries, territories, cities, towns, and people, without exception of places or persons.”

2) Mexico and the US signed a treaty in 1936 to address challenges associated with migration, what kind of migration were they addressing?

3) Both the US and Mexico have significant symbols that include an eagle and a snake. What do they symbolize?

4) What are the official languages in the US and Mexico?

5) The US and Mexico sit on a belt which includes 75 % (450) of the world’s active volcanoes. What is the belt called?

6) What is Mexico’s official name?

7) Which three very famous food items did Mexico introduce to the world?

8) Contrary to the US, Mexico has once won a gold medal in a men’s football competition. Which competition and when?

9) Which university is the oldest in North America?

10) Which Mexican artist said: “I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.” (extra point for naming the spouse)?

11) Approximately how many Americans live in Mexico (2010 census)?

12) According to the World Tourism Organization, two states on the American continent are among the top ten tourism destinations in the world, which are these (extra point for guessing their ranking)?

13) Approximately how many million Americans visit Mexico in one year (2014)?

14) Approximately how many million Mexicans visit the US in one year (2014)?

15) Does the Mexico have a surplus or deficit with the US with regard to trade in goods and services, and approximately how many billion USD?

16) Which were the three largest export markets for US goods (extra point if ranked correctly)?

17) Among the three members of NAFTA, which brought most cases against another member of NAFTA before the WTO (extra point for guessing how many)?

18) Among the four richest persons in the world according to Forbes (2016), there are two Americans and one Mexican, can you name them (extra point for ranking)?



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