Introducing Rosemary Grey

revised-photo-rosemary-greyIt is our great pleasure to welcome back Rosemary Grey to IntLawGrrls. (new post) Dr. Rosemary Grey is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Melbourne Law School. Her research focuses on gender issues in international criminal law, particularly the evolving law and practice regarding the prosecution of sexual and gender-based crimes. In June 2017, she will deliver the International Criminal Justice Clinic at Melbourne Law School in partnership with Amnesty International.

Prior to her current role at Melbourne Law School, Rosemary completed her PhD at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Her PhD thesis, supervised by Professor Louise Chappell and Professor Sarah Williams, analysed the ICC’s practice in prosecuting sexual and gender-based crimes up until 31 December 2014.

While completing her PhD, Rosemary also lectured in international criminal law and other core subjects at UNSW Law. She also worked and volunteered with a number of Hague-based organisations including Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice, the International Bar Association, and the International Criminal Court.

Heartfelt Welcome!


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