How is your elevator speech? ICourts/Pluricourt Summer School for Phd students June 20-24, 2016

Applications are due April 1 for the ICourts and Pluricourts  PhD Summer School on International law: Courts and Contexts. This week-long intensive training focuses on professional development, including explaining your dissertation project in a concise yet general way, developing and defending your methodological approach, framing your project to interest diverse audiences, reflecting on your writing and outreach strategies, and building a professional CV.

Morning sessions feature presentations from senior faculty member who reflect on their research strategies, methods and trajectories.  Afternoons include working sessions focused on your dissertation project.  The Summer School takes place in lovely Copenhagen, and includes sight seeing and networking. It is a blast, although exhausting (if only because the sun sets very late in the summer!)

Learn more, including how to apply, here. The course is offered free of charge but the participants carry out expenses relating to travel and accommodation. iCourts will offer up to 5 travel scholarships. Space is limited, and admission is competitive.





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