Introducing Elvira Domínguez-Redondo

elviradominguez redondo pictureIt’s our great pleasure today to introduce Dr. Elvira Domínguez-Redondo (LLB, Dip. Business Management, M.Phil, PhD) as an IntLawGrrls contributor. Elvira is Associate Professor of International Law at Middlesex University, London (UK) and Adjunct Lecturer of the Irish Center for Human Rights (NUI Galway, Ireland). She is a member of the Geneva (Switzerland) based think-tank Universal Rights Group. In the past, Elvira held different academic positions, at the Transitional Justice Institute (University of Ulster, Northern Ireland); the Irish Centre for Human Rights (NUI University, Ireland); the University of Alcalá de Henares (Spain); and University of Carlos III de Madrid (Spain). She has worked as a consultant with the Special Rapporteur on Torture at the Office of the High Commisisoner for Human Rights (Switzerland).

Elvira specializes in international law and human rights legal theory. She is the author of two books, Public Special Procedures of the UN Commission on Human Rights and Minority Rights in Asia (co-authored with Prof. J Castellino). Elvira has written a wide range of articles on international law and human rights topics for academic journals. She has been one of the five independent experts from the Americas and Europe to carry out an Observation Mission on the situation of human rights defenders in Mexico.  She has participated in the European Union-China, Irish-Chinese and German-Chinese human rights dialogues. She was also engaged with the Latin-American and European Human Rights Network. Among other projects under her responsibility she led the British Council DelPHE-Iraq project implementing the first Human Rights Masters programme in Iraq, at Duhok University.

Her first post will discuss the opinion of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention in the Assange case. Heartfelt welcome!

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