Funded Doctoral Studies at iCourts

iCourts is a  Centre of Excellence funded by the Danish National Research
Foundation. Its research focus is on the ever-growing role of international courts, their place in a globalizing legal order and their impact on politics and society at large.

iCourts particularly welcomes research projects that deal with:

  •  Comparative analysis of the embeddedness of international courts in different political and social systems, considering the perceived legitimacy and/or the legal and political conflicts faced by international courts in different national systems;
  • Comparative analysis of the impact of regional international courts on regional integration processes, especially in less explored settings in Africa and Latin America;
  • The interaction between regional courts with jurisdiction over either human rights, or economic matters in settings with overlapping regional and international legal regimes;
  • The interaction between regional courts and the highest courts of contracting parties and/or global courts such as the ICJ, ICC, and WTO Appellate Body;
  • The transformations of global governance and the role that international courts play in constitutionalizing legal regimes, examined via an empirical and/or theoretical analysis of the organization of public authority in pluralist/federal/hierarchical/non-hierarchical settings;

Students must have a masters degree in hand before beginning the program. Closing date for applications is 28 January 2016. Details on the requirements and application process are available here.


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