Website launch: Ad Hoc Tribunals Oral History Project

ORAL HISTORY SCREENThe International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life of Brandeis University announces the launch of the Ad Hoc Tribunals Oral History Project website.

The Ad Hoc Tribunals Oral History Project, initiated in Fall 2014, seeks honest evaluations about the challenges and successes of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR). The Project aims to preserve the voices of those individuals who worked to bring justice to those two zones of conflict and contributed to the development and “institutionalization” of international criminal law during the early years of the ICTY and ICTR.

To date, the Project has interviewed almost 30 judges, prosecutors, defense counsel, and administrators connected to the ICTY and ICTR, as well as commentators on international criminal law and civil society actors. As a primary resource, this growing collection of oral history transcripts can be used in a variety of ways to inform the public about the Ad Hoc Tribunals and international criminal justice more generally. Students, scholars, and educators can use the materials in their research and analysis, in written histories of international criminal tribunals, and in studies across disciplines such as human rights, criminal law, sociology, history, and international relations.

Click here to read more about the Project, access interviewee profile pages and full-text interviews, and view video clips of selected excerpts. A keyword search can also be made across the collection through the Brandeis Institutional Repository.

More transcripts and video clips will be available soon.

This project has benefitted greatly from the participation of fellow IntLawGrrls Linda Carter and Susana SáCouto.

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