Read On! Gender and Violence in Haiti

IntLawGrrl benedetta-faedi-duramy book photoBenedetta Faedi Duramy‘s book, Gender and Violence in Haiti: Women’s Path from Victims to Agents, offers a rich and nuanced description of the complex forces that entangle impoverished Haitian women in cycles of violence, both as subjects and as perpetrators.  Her clear and powerful writing explains in detail the historical evolution of this violence, situating it within a climate of deep gender inequality and desperate poverty.  It is a worthwhile read for that history alone, but goes on to describe in depth the complexities of contemporary Haitian society and the situation of women within it.  Prof. Faedi Duramy catalogues the relevant human rights law and offers practical suggestions as to how it might be applied to ameliorate the condition of Haitian women.  I’ve posted on SSRN a full review of her book, forthcoming next spring in Human Rights Quarterly.  But don’t stop there — the book itself is an engaging and informative though deeply troubling read.


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