International Centre for Counter-Terrorism The Hague Advanced Summer Programme on Countering Terrorism

The phenomenon of ISIS/ISIL and related consequences of increased refugees and foreign terrorist fighters is challenging international law academics and practitioners to improve their competence on counter-terrorism.  The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism at the Hague offers an Advanced Summer Programme on Countering Terrorism: Legal Challenges and Dilemmas which is broad in scope and rich in provision of in depth materials and experts.  The programme this year included a fascinating analysis of the challenges of defining terrorism under International Law by Judge David Baragwanath of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.  Professor Richard English of the University of St. Andrews explained the fall-out from the US and UK pursuit of a post Sept. 11th War Paradigm counter-terrorist approach and called for a return to classic law enforcement (human intelligence) paradigm.  Dr. Yasmin Naqvi delineated IHL dilemmas and Professor Helen Duffy addressed the challenges of attaining accountability for extraordinary rendition.  Dr. Eric Pouw of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence presented practical and operational problems related to targeted killings and detention while Jessica Dorsey critiqued the use of drones.  The programme also included Dutch experts from police and prosecution offices to cover intelligence gathering, sharing, and community policing.  Additional experts from the Special Tribunal for Lebanon discussed the protection and use of witnesses in trials.

To complement lectures, participants were invited to visit EuroJust and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

The final day tackled the challenge of countering foreign terrorist fighters from the repressive side and preventive side, addressing UNSCR 2178 (2014) and the GCTF’s Hague Marrakech Memorandum.  The Programme concluded with a High Level Panel on the Internet- touching upon recruitment, incitement and radicalization as well as threat of infringement of freedom of expression, association and privacy.

Dr. Christophe Paulussen is to be congratulated for putting together a fantastic programme which was intellectually enriching and also included social events, such as a screening of the movie “A Most Wanted Man”, and a networking reception at the Hague Institute for Global Justice with the participants of other summer programmes on International Criminal Law, Environmental Law and Access of Individuals to Justice.

And for those of you interested in delicious, organic/gourmet food, be sure to visit Zebedeus an innovative restaurant located within a former church.  You can dine under a magnificent tree outside in the summer!

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