Introducing Simone Hutter

simone hutterIt’s our great pleasure today to welcome Simone Hutter as an IntLawGrrls contributor.

Simone is a legal analyst who supports ECOFACT’s environmental and social due diligence team with her expertise in human rights. Prior to joining ECOFACT, Simone worked as an assistant for Prof. Oliver Diggelmann at University of Zurich, as an intern at the European Court for Human Rights, and as a clerk at the district court of Zurich. She holds a Master of Law at University of Zurich and completed her Ph.D. in international human rights law as a Visiting Research Fellow in Public International Law at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law and as a fellow for prospective researchers funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

In June, Simone published her book Starvation as a Weapon (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2015), which she will discuss in her first post. Heartfelt welcome!


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