Read On! Vulnerability of Children within International Law

The Nordic Journal of International Law just published a Special Edition on the Vulnerability of Children within International Law, dedicated to the late Lucy Smith who was the first woman in Norway to be awarded a doctorate of Law, and later became Norway’s first female Law professor at the University of Oslo, focusing on children’s rights.   I had the honor of serving as guest editor and am very pleased with the contributions:

John Tobin (Melbourne Law School), Understanding Children’s Rights: A Vision Beyond Vulnerabilty

Sevda Clark (Norwegian Centre of Human Rights), Child Rights and the Movement from Status to Agency: Human Rights and the Removal of the Legal Disabilities of Vunerability

Kirsten Sandberg (UN Commitee on the Rights of the Child, University of Oslo), The Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Vulnerability of Children

Diane Marie Amann (University of Georgia Law School, Special Adviser to ICC), The Child Rights Convention and International Criminal Justice

Helen Keller & Corina Heri (European Court of Human Rights, University of Zurich), Protecting the Best Interests of the Child: International Child Abduction and the European Court of Human Rights

Sara Dillon (Suffolk University Law School), Child Labour and the Global Economy: Abolition or Acceptance.

The Special Edition is available here


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