Introducing Zoi Aliozi

ZOI.ALIOZIIt’s our great pleasure today to introduce Dr. Zoi Aliozi as an IntLawGrrls contributor.

Zoi is a human rights expert, lawyer and activist. She received her PhD in political philosophy from LUISS University in Rome, Italy, and has been a visiting scholar in the Philosophy Department of Georgetown University in Washington D.C., USA. She currently works for the Irish Centre for Human Rights, where she conducts research, teaching, and advocacy. She researches on Global Constitutionalism and Human Rights and lectures on Human Rights Philosophy & Law. She coordinates the Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy Summer School [ed. note: Highly recommended!], in collaboration with the Huston School of Film, and is in the Planning Committee of the Arts and Human Rights Summer School.

Her academic work focuses on human rights through a multi-disciplinary methodology that is employing philosophy & law. She is a committed human rights scholar that has managed to pursuit her international academic career through the continuous awarding of scholarships for talented students. In 2012, the University of Madrid awarded her the 1st prize for young philosophy researchers with an international background. She is the founder and Secretary-General of Citizens Rights Watch, an international human rights NGO. Zoi collaborates and offers consultation to a number of human rights NGOs, and is an active member of the international civil society. She enjoys organizing international film and art human rights-related events.

Zoe’s first post will discuss feminist legal scholarship. Heartfelt welcome!


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