Go On! This Friday: ASIL panel on social media and international law with live Twitter feed

On Friday April 10 at 11:30am (local time, Washington DC), ASIL will host an exciting panel on social media and international law during its annual conference:  #int_law @social_media.

During the panel, ASIL will be hosting a live Twitter feed.  They are encouraging the audience, both inside and outside the room, to tweet comments and questions for the panelists to address using the ASIL conference hashtag:  #ASILAM15.  The Twitter feed will be updated live and displayed throughout the panel.

The panel description is as follows:

The rise of social media has generated a new kind of conversation about international relations and international law – one that is instant, global and open to anyone with a smartphone or access to the internet. These media provide immediate analysis and debate on current issues, and during periods of rapid change, they shape public perceptions of events or even motivate individuals to take action. This roundtable will explore the effect of social media on the international legal landscape from a range of perspectives. To what extent can these media be expected to create space for non- traditional voices to participate in international legal decisions? What is gained and what is lost when academics try to influence decision makers around the world with short, real-time posts, rather than long and heavily footnoted journal articles? Can actors have a meaningful conversation about international law in exchanges of 140 characters, or is international law being left out of important social media discussions because of its complexity and alienating specialist vocabulary?

Moderator: Joanne Neenan, UK Foreign Office


  • Sarah Joseph, Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, Monash University

    Sarah Joseph

  • Scott Nolan Smith, Portland Communications, Digital Diplomacy Coalition

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