Write On! Call for Papers: Palestine Yearbook of International Law (deadline 15 February)

birzeitThe Palestine Yearbook of International Law is now inviting submissions of scholarly articles for publication for its next volume, XVIII (2015). Unlike recent years, this upcoming volume will not be based on a specific theme. Therefore, the editors encourage the submission of scholarly pieces of relevance to public international law and Palestine. The Yearbook is edited at Birzeit University’s Institute of Law (Birzeit, Palestine), and published by Martinus Nijhoff Publishers (The Hague, The Netherlands). The Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook is Mr. Ardi Imseis.

At this stage, the Institute of Law will be accepting abstracts for review. Abstracts should include a working title, with a preliminary outline of the author’s legal arguments, along with a CV.

Recommended topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Comparative legal analyses of human rights and freedom struggles of relevance to Palestine (e.g. East Timor, Northern Ireland, South Africa, United States, etc.);
  • Non-State actors, national liberation movements and international law;
  • Contemporary developments and gaps in the international humanitarian and human rights law framework;
  • The role and utility of continuing to use the United Nations (the General Assembly, Security Council, International Court of Justice, etc.) in advancing the cause of peace, justice and freedom in Palestine;
  • The statehood of Palestine and its implications in law and policy, both in the region and beyond;
  • The responsibility of States (including third States) international organizations, corporations and/or individuals in international law;
  • The continued relevance of the Oslo Accords under international law, and in light of Palestine’s accession to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties;
  • The Gaza Strip and international law;
  • Litigating the Palestine issue, at the domestic and international levels;
  • Apartheid and colonialism in international law;
  • Natural resources in international law;
  • Self-determination of peoples in international law;
  • Humanitarian intervention;
  • The Syria crisis in international law (international refugee law, international humanitarian law, etc…);
  • Palestine’s accessions to international treaties and the possibility of future accessions and the joining of international organizations.

Important dates and contact information:

Prospective authors should express interest by e-mailing the Assistant Editor of the Yearbook, Ms. Reem Al-Botmeh and sending an abstract of the suggested paper as indicated above, along with the prospective author’s CV.

The abstract of under 750 words should be submitted by 15 February 2015.

Notification of decisions will be provided 1 March 2015.

Contact Information:

For more information, please contact Ms. Reem Al-Botmeh, the Assistant Editor of the Yearbook, at rbotmeh@gmail.com or alternatively, you may communicate directly with Mr. Ardi Imseis at ai295@cam.ac.uk.

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