Intlaw women weigh in on Torture Report

feinsteinIn addition to the post below by IntLawGrrl and Milena Sterio (Cleveland State), many women in academia and NGOs have contributed to the cybersphere in the wake of Tuesday’s release of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program – a document known everywhere as the Torture Report. Indeed, the report’s release owes much to one of America’s most powerful women, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California. (photo credit) Feinstein’s #ReadtheReport tweets are available here. And here’s our commentary roundup:

Laurie Blank (Emory): Torture, the Senate report and keeping our eye on the ball

Lauren Carasik (Western New England): No guarantee the US won’t torture again

Jennifer Daskal (American): The Cost-Benefit Analysis: The Preventive Value of the Senate Torture Report

Michelle Farrell (Liverpool): Transatlantic Torture: The Senate Report, the “Hooded Men” and the Regrettable Role of the European Court of Human Rights

Deborah Pearlstein (Cardozo): The Question of Prosecution

Danielle Pletka (American Enterprise Institute): The C.I.A. Report Is Too Tainted to Matter

Andrea Prasow (Human Rights Watch): The CIA’s rap sheet

Hina Shamsi (American Civil Liberties Union): A Special Prosecutor, Compensation and C.I.A. Reforms Are Needed

Alexa Van Brunt (Northwestern): The ‘torture’ memos prove America’s lawyers don’t know how to be ethical

► Yours truly (Diane Marie Amann, Georgia): After Senate committee’s Torture Report, U.S. must pursue 3 accountability pillars

Nathalie Weizmann (Columbia): State Responsibility and Reparation for Torture as a Violation of IHL

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