Introducing Anni Pues


It’s our great pleasure today to introduce Anni Pues as an IntLawGrrls contributor. Anni is a German criminal defence and human rights lawyer. Her work covers a broad range of topics, e.g. terrorism, organized crime, transnational criminal cases, extradition cases and asylum claims. She has successfully defended clients at various judicial levels including the European Court of Justice and has been admitted to the list of counsel at the International Criminal Court. She holds law degrees from the Universities of Bonn and Glasgow.

Currently Anni is a PhD candidate at the University of Glasgow where here research focuses on prosecutorial discretion in international criminal law. She has published in various British and German law journals and has extensive experience as a speaker at international conferences. Anni’s research interests are in the areas of human rights, international law, criminal law and comparative aspects of law. Her first post will focus on recent developments in Scotland. Heartfelt welcome! 


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