Go On! ASIL to hold ‘Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling: A Fireside Chat with [IntLawGrrls!] Anne Gallagher and Dina Haynes’ Oct. 16

ASIL and its Women in International Law Interest Group will hold “Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling: A Fireside Chat with Anne Gallagher and Dina Haynes” on Thursday, October 16, from 6:00-8:00pm, at ASIL headquarters (2223 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20008). (We’re proud to note that both Anne and Dina are IntLawGrrls!)

Fifteen years have elapsed since the international community decided to use international law as a weapon against human trafficking and migrant smuggling. The results have been mixed, at best. This fireside chat brings legal practitioner Dr Anne Gallagher (author of The International Law of Human Trafficking (2010) and The International Law of Migrant Smuggling (2014)) and Professor Dina Haynes, renowned scholar on trafficking and migration, to address some of the most pressing questions facing States in responding effectively to large-scale exploitation of human beings for profit. Where do migrant smuggling and trafficking intersect and how do the different legal regimes operate in such situations?  To what extent has international law made a positive contribution to ending trafficking and smuggling-related exploitation? Where are the critical gaps and weaknesses and how could these be addressed? What is the US government doing and how could it be making a better contribution?


Dr. Anne Gallagher, author of The International Law of Human Trafficking (2010) and The International Law of Migrant Smuggling (2014)

Dina Haynes, Professor of Law, New England Law | Boston 


Christie Edwards, Director, International Humanitarian Law, American Red Cross
WILIG Co-Chair

Drinks and appetizers will be provided. To register, please visit http://www.asil.org/event/human-trafficking-and-migrant-smuggling-fireside-chat-anne-gallagher-and-dina-haynes

Hope to see you there!

Julia Knox
Communications, Education and Research Assistant
The American Society of International Law (ASIL)

Also note: ASIL’s Midyear Meeting and Research Forum will take place November 68, 2014, in Chicago, IL.  See www.asil.org/midyear for program details and to register.

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