The Judicialization of International Relations- an open call workshop

The journal International Organization and Northwestern University’s Buffett Center for International and Comparative Studies invite applications for a workshop to be held June 12-13, 2015.

Karen Alter and Erik Voeten, with the support of IO’s editorial board, will convene this workshop. Interested participants should submit a proposal of no more than 500 words by December 1, 2014 to

We especially welcome the following types of proposals:

• Studies that examine whether states, international institutions, firms or other nonstate actors act differently in the shadow of adjudication

• Studies comparing politics in non-judicialized to judicialized contexts

• Studies of the impact of judicialization across countries, regions or issue areas

• Studies that analyze whether and when adjudicators are becoming consequential creators of international law

• Examinations of the potential counter-responses to the increased authority of judicial institutions. For example, how and when do state actors successfully seek to influence adjudicators or otherwise reduce their jurisdiction or authority?

• Analyses of whether international law differentially influences states depending on how much authority domestic judicial bodies have to utilize international law.

• Inquiries into the larger theoretical implications of the emergence of these judicial actors.

• Studies that provide generalizable insight into the practices, processes, politics and decision-making of adjudicatory bodies that have an international or transnational jurisdiction.

For more information, see:

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