Write On! Call for Papers: 2015 ILA-ASIL Asia-Pacific Research Forum, Taipei

The Chinese (Taiwan) Society of International Law will hold the ILA-ASIL Asia-Pacific Research Forum on May 25-26, 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan. The theme of the Research Forum is: “Integrating the Asia-Pacific: Why International Law Matters?”

The Research Forum will provide a forum for academics, practitioners, and policy-makers to examine a wide range of international and transnational law issues confronting the Asia-Pacific. The Research Forum is organized by the Chinese (Taiwan) Society of International Law – the Chinese (Taiwan) Branch of the ILA, in partnership with the ASIL Law in the Pacific Rim Region Interest Group and the Research Center for International Legal Studies, National Chengchi University.

The call for papers is available at http://www.csil.org.tw/2015-research-forum/. Paper proposals should be submitted by January 20, 2015 to ila@nccu.edu.tw.

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