Learn how to teach international humanitarian law at ICRC workshop

icrcProfs looking to learn more about the laws regulating war are encouraged to take part in the annual Teaching International Humanitarian Law Workshop, about which we’ve posted here and here.

This year’s workshop will be held February 7-8, 2014, at Brigham Young University Law School in Provo, Utah, home institution of our colleague, Professor Eric Talbot Jensen. BYU joins the International Committee of the Red Cross in cosponsoring. Organizers write:

 The Workshop is targeted at law professors interested in teaching an IHL (otherwise known as the Law of Armed Conflict) course for the first time, integrating IHL modules into their current courses and/or rethinking their current teaching of this important subject. The Workshop provides an opportunity for law faculty to think creatively about teaching IHL, network with others, exchange ideas, and expand teaching of these topics.

Details and registration here.

(Cross-posted from Diane Marie Amann)


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